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Update: I'm praying they're really gone...but.... (Warning: long)

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  1. mam417

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Fri Nov 25 2011 23:55:21

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    .....I may have a bite on my face...or it may be a blemish...or maybe it was nothing that I made into something by poking at it incessantly....whatever it is, my whole body is shaking in response to sheer terror. Terror. Of a stupid (theoretical) dumb disgusting @#^$&%&*%*%* bedbug.....Can you even believe?? What a spineless

    I've been hesitant to post any update, because I didn't want to speak to soon, or jinx myself, but since I am compelled to write to calm myself, I thought I might as the time I'm done the wine will kick in and maybe I'll sleep tonight. So in my never ending, months long (since April 2011 - actually feels like eons) battle with these hideous beasts, I've been through three series of chemical treatments performed by two different PCOs. I've washed and dryed and Packtited most of my stuff practically past the point of being usable - and then I've dryed/or Packtited it again just to be absolutely, positively, unequivocally, 150% (well, you get the idea - bbs have turned me into a freak) sure that every last damned despicable bug was dead, beyond dead, extra dead. During this time, I was absolutely sure that my car was infested, and, indeed, I did infest one car. It was very old, and so I just sold it for parts - AFTER I warned the man 1000 times that it was infested and he should NOT sit in it. He assured me it would be used for parts. I bought a new (used) car, and feared I had infested that one, too. I have nearly lost my grip on sanity a number of times, and during one of these episodes, when I thought I'd have to get my new car treated, I called AAA Superior because they do this. I posted about this, sorry to be boring, and I won't reiterate here, except to say that I ended up speaking with Jeff Klein for 45 minutes, and he convinced me NOT to get the car treated. Anyway, I was absolutely sure that I still had bugs, and resigned myself to getting my apartment heated, because I could not tolerate anymore pesticides (they've affected me physically)and called AAA to come with the dog. Jeff came here on Monday. He knew my story, and went through my apartment and the attached basement twice. The dog actually alerted on a chair. After inspecting it closely, Jeff told me that he saw old evidence, but nothing new. He was absolutely certain that this was a false positive, that he may have inadvertently caused by having the dog check the chair multiple times (at least I think that was it). He checked my Climb-ups, and showed me a book louse (looked like a yellow piece of lint to me, lol) but said there were NO bbs present. He told me that he was certain that there were no bbs left alive. He answered my (repetitive) questions, and warned me about making sure all my stuff was treated appropriately before taking it out of the bags, and gave me some advice about how to do it correctly. I was still FREAKED, and dubious. I hated to insult him (I know, he's a professional with over a decade of experience, but still), but considering what I've been through the last (omg - EIGHT) months, I was really afraid the bbs had somehow eluded him and tricked the dog and were lurking up at the ceiling level (where there are no pesticides) just waiting to pounce when I let my guard down (oy - like I said - I'm a complete FREAK). Jeff told me that he would be happy to heat my apartment - if I showed him a live bedbug. Considering how overwrought I was (SO pitiful) he also said that if I found a bb in the next few weeks, he would bring the dog back for free to check. I have to say, it was a very positive experience, he was really very nice, and I was totally surprised that at the end I didn't have to schedule a heat treatment - I'm too cynical I

    So...I spent the rest of that day and the next day being worried he was wrong....then I couldn't take it anymore. I realized I CAN NOT live out of bags one more minute, one more second, one more nano-second. That was making me just as ill as the actual bbs. I decided that even if I somehow missed a bb and re-infested my place (which I would OF COURSE try not to do, but that's how irrationally scared I am) I would risk it just to have my place back in some semblance of order. So I spent all of Wednesday and Thursday (yea, I know, Thanksgiving...I wasn't in the mood for company) doing a gazillion loads of laundry, and a gazillion more Packtite loads. I LOVE my shoes - next to my hats they're my absolute favorite things...taking them out of the Packtite and putting them back onto their places of honor (I have these mega shoe racks, lol....shoe racks and hat boxes, yikes....) was SO therapeutic. Of course, I simultaneously realized I have waaaaay too many and have GOT to get rid of some of them....sigh, that's gonna be SO force you to re-examine your over-consumptive practices like nothing else.

    I've slept so soundly the last few nights, I can't even begin to tell you. I know you all get that, having been through this hell yourselves. It's been months since I've slept normally. MONTHS. And I was feeling cautiously optimistic. Even made plans to see my daughter and granddaughter tomorrow, feeling like everything was clean and bb free, and I didn't have to worry (although I declined my friend's offer to go to the movies on Sunday - is he crazy????). Then tonight I started to feel that weird bugs-are-crawling-on-me-under-my-clothes sensation.......I immediately put what I had on in the Packtite. Coincidentally, I simultaneously noticed this welt-like bump on my face....and my whole body started shaking thinking "OMG - no...."

    I don't know why I'm shaking. I don't know how long it is after this ordeal that you stop considering every skin eruption a bb bite. I don't know how much longer I will wake up in the morning and check my face and body for any signs that I had provided a meal during the night. I don't know when I will be able to stop drying things waaaaay past the point of dry, just to be absolutely 100% sure no bbs are in it. I hope it's soon. I hope I can come back here soon and report how it was some stupid skin irritation after all, ha, what a moron I am, ha ha ha....but of course now I'm a complete nervous wreck. The only thing is I know I can call and get the dog back, and if I need it I can get the treatment, so that is what's at least making me not lose it all together.

    Sorry for this ridiculously long rant. I forgot to state at the outset: In the spirit of the recent Thanksgiving holiday, I am SO thankful that this site is here....I'd be so much worse off without it! It's been a life saver.

  2. bedbugsuptown

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sat Nov 26 2011 7:31:02

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    Yeah, long post--but you warned us buggers. You sound pretty good Mam. It's been awhile. Can't help sayin that aside from the bbs I do miss your heavy metal humor. You always had me Laughin out loud. Yeah and I also learned a few acronyms from you and other buggers. Always good to get continuing edumacation, right? I'm just waiting for a bugger to come along that can talk jive....wishful thinking, straight up. So it's been awhile. An inch atta time u sound like your approaching the domain of feeling copacetic. Which actually means better than all right--maybe you knew that-- it came about around Charlie Parker time; after the jazz men fixed-up, they felt 'better than alright'.

    I'm feeling copacetic. It's insane, but the bbs took me out of the lethargy/depression i was in right before IT began and gave me something to fight for. A battle i could win! I haven't felt this good in my entire life, square business and I aim to stay better than alright--right up till the end. I always saw the cup half empty. Hell, for the most part the cup held a few drops and too often it was dry as a bone. But that's history--next.

    Sorry to here about the movies. Would you actually consider the haz-mat suit? I realize that you love your threads but maybe after recovering some of the bb scratch u spent you could have it taylor made. Right? Have some seamstress hook u up with a suit that you'd be proud to wear to the movies. Some kinda Sexy haz-mat gear. What do you think? It could be a cottage industry. My sewing machines still in the closet, just needs a tuneup. Yeah, and sorry u spent Thanksgiving home alone. But it sounds like you got alot accomplished.

    Here's to wishing you a swingin Christmas in advance. The season begins. Funny, last year I was standing on the top step of my ladder putting my last box of decorations into the Christmas closet and I had this crazy premonition. A thought just popped right into my head: this may be the last time that u will be putting Christmas away. I didn't let it worry me too much even though the only thing that I imagined would stop this annual Christmas thing would be my death. And the only other time in my life that I had a premonition like this was when I moved into my deceased husbands apartment (we were just good buddies at the time). It's a tenement and the entry level staircase has an arching bend as you approach the first floor. It's called a 'Chinese' staircase. Well just as I reached the curved section of stairs I had this premonition that I would be living here for a very long time. That was back in 1981. I would like to think that my 2010 premonition was more about the bbs that would be coming in late June 2011! It's pretty trippy though cuz even as a kid my moms was always a step ahead of the landlord when she could't make the rent. I'd come home from school and the super would say - your mothers gone. You'll find her at 677 Ninth Avenue. :twisted:Yeah, that'll get a little girl and her brothers a little twisted!

    Maybe I'll write a memoir. That's a happening thing in the currently bleak world of story telling.
    All the best and thank God you've gotten a handle on the suckers. Just try to evict the f*n bbs from your head--after all, they don't pay rent.

    Take care~

  3. theyareoutthere

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sun Nov 27 2011 15:57:45

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    Good luck MAM417,

    I'm glad you are sleeping again and that your shoes are out. From reading this forum, the skin fools us sometimes. I've had sensitive skin all my life and the only thing I can share is that 1) stress has an impact 2) pesticides can have an impact (I break out after skeeter spray or if they spray for roaches) and 3) from reading this forum, some skin issues take weeks or even months to an allergic reaction.

    You are in my thoughts. Reading some of your blogs, you were so worried about infesting your landlord and his babies. I'm glad it worked out!


    = TAOT

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