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Update FINALLY heat issue

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  1. welcome2mynitemared

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sat Jul 30 2011 13:28:45

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    after 3 powder treatments my landlord finally got our apartment Heat Treated.

    Havent seen anything but dead bbs. Afraid to inspect in fear of finding live ones....still haven't moved back in.

    Upon arrival the heat was on blast and all the windows were open..... think the landlord has an Energy bill to pay!

    Also, a letter on my door stating that all of our belongings that we were storing in sealed trash bags on our patio are not allowed to re-enter without inspection from the PCO. The contents of the bags are our dishes and glassware, all the stuff i didn't want broken during treatment.
    Basically my landlord said that if we find more alive bedbugs its our fault for re-infesting ourselves. Which is ludicrous. Especially because THEY STILL HAVENT HEAT TREATED ALL THE OTHER INFESTED APARTMENTS!
    I feel like we are destined to get our lil enemies back due to the lack of treatment of other apartments, no matter what we do, we are doomed.

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