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Update after 3rd treatment/still getting bites

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  1. sarapa

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue Nov 13 2018 9:43:05

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    PCO came out today with a manager. Techs confirmed that they sprayed ALL of the bed and mattress, including the footboard previously.
    However, we had a cat bed under the bed....And guess what we found--a bedbug! He was moving pretty slow (initially thought he was dead). Tech admits never sprayed the cat bed. I have no idea why we didn't throw it out to begin with! We double bagged it and threw it outside.
    No other signs of bedbugs on the encasements etc. today
    The manager kept insisting we had fleas. Which is ridiculous...because we don't! Our cats get flea treated once a month, just went to the vet, and I ONLY got bit when I slept in the bed. AND he even kept insisting after WE FOUND A BEDBUG.
    They sprayed Ultracide everywhere. However, isn't this a flea treatment? The a##hole manager kept insisting that it was a contact killer and would keep them from reproducing. They didn't spray anything else.
    Does this make sense?
    Grrrrr. Hopefully the bugs biting me were all in the catbed.

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