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Unknown consequences of misuse of insecticides?

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  1. makemgoaway

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Fri Jan 18 2013 0:26:08

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    I have read here and on other sites about people complaining about not being able to DDT or other products that were meant for outside use saying they don't see an effect. These articles are not on insecticides, but lead, and more specific, leaded gas and its correlation to violent crime. There are also links to autism and learning because of it's effect on the frontal cortex. These studies are not well known yet, but are very compelling and I thought the may illustrate to some people that just because you may not see an immediate effect from a misuse of an insecticide that down the road, those effects could somehow determine our children's whole future. Can really we say, "Well I didn't know" The EPA really has saved lives.

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