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Uncooperative landlord - Bethesda, MD

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  1. bedbugsindc

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Sat Oct 21 2017 11:06:53

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    Hi, I have several questions, some of which may be specific to my area. I live in a multistory high rise apartment building.

    I found bedbugs last weekend, crawling all over my bed and biting me. I freaked out and called the landlord, who said that the exterminator only comes to the building once a week on Thursday. The landlord finally said that if I bagged all my stuff, the exterminator could both inspect and treat on Thursday.

    I followed instructions and tried to ask the exterminator questions. He said that there was no need to inspect/treat adjacent units and that bedbugs can't go through walls. I don't think this is correct.

    I asked about where to take drycleaning and he said to not tell the drycleaner. This seems unethical to me. Has anyone found drycleaners who will take my sweaters?

    There is white-ish film all over my black wooden furniture. Can I get this out? I think he used diac earth.

    My lease is up on this apartment in three months and now I'm considering moving if they aren't treating the whole building. Are there other buildings in DC that aren't so negligent? Am I doomed to have this forever?

    Is there a tenant advocacy I can call in Maryland? I wish I could charge my landlord for my drycleaning bills.

  2. HifromChi

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    Posted 12 months ago
    Mon Oct 23 2017 11:59:36

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    They should definitely be treating the units adjacent to yours (up, down, side to side) at the very least, as the bed bugs could disperse in other directions and then come back to yours after you've rid yourself of them. That's an ongoing problem you definitely don't want.

    I'd Google your state and see what the laws and your options are. You may be able to break your lease if they don't treat properly.

    As for your clothes, if your sweaters can't be washed, you can still run them through the dryer at the highest heat setting for 30 to 40 minutes without usually damaging the clothes, that will kill any bugs and their eggs if present. I think it's very unethical to not tell an establishment that you are possibly bringing in contaminated clothes. It could spread to other clothing that people could bring home.

    Best of luck to you...

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