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Trying New PCO - Question About Chemicals Being Used

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    Hi all,

    I've been fighting bed bugs for over a year now. You can read my horror story on this forum: .

    Long story short- my roommate and I have had 9 exterminations and have gone through 3 different exterminating companies. We decided to try a new PCO after all the disappointment and failed attempts at eradicating the bugs. I spoke to a PCO on the phone for about 20 minutes, asking him a billion questions about prep, chemicals he uses, how he sprays, etc.

    He told me to do the no-prep prep, and just clear the space around my bed. He said I don't need to use nuvan strips and bag my clothes. He also mentioned that I should take the mattress encasement off my mattress (so nervous to do this!!) so he can actually spray the mattress and kill anything that's there.

    This is completely different from everything I've already done. But he said his strategy is to kill them at the source (my bed) and that anything that tries to bite me will hit the residual and die before it can lay eggs.

    I am very skeptical of this method, but willing to try. He also has a 6 month warranty - if we find bugs within 180 days of treatment, he will do another treatment free of charge.

    He is using transport micron initially and temprid for a follow up.

    I started doing my research on the chemicals - both of the chemicals' labels say not to spray the mattress - only the tufts and folds. The PCO told me that my cat and I could stay in the house (in the basement until it's dry) but the labels say that people and pets should stay out of the house. The PCO also said that he will show up with only a duffel bag (no big equipment), but the labels for the use of the chemicals says that you should be wearing a bunch of gear that I feel like might not fit into one bag.

    Has anyone had similar experiences with this type of treatment or these chemicals? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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