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trusting internet online facts to our detriment

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    1. Infested my bookshelf instead of my bed.
    2. Bites were tiny red dots. Numerous in one area or solos.
    3. Laundromat dryer did not kill bugs after a full cycle but a couple sleeve's were a tiny bit damp. Do half loads for extra time. Make sure it burns hot. It was too late for me. I read 10 minutes one place and that is so risky. I'm telling you, one survived from damp spots. They were new bags, different house, my clothes and shoes changed. It happened.
    4. Any bag won't do, contractor bags tied with duck tape covered them seems wisest. Saw a bug escape a regular double tie.
    4. Bed bugs do infest inside pillows.
    5. They eat at any time of day. Dim light more so, but anytime.
    6. Spraying once in the car as multiple companies suggested would work, with vacuuming, de earth and spray, combined didn't work yet. Next step is steam.
    7. They loved and devoured my dog. Dr aged him to the bath and there were 6 in the tub. They drowned quickly but can survive water efficient machines. For sure.
    8. Green earth bug spray tested on bug and doesn't work. I sprayed this on after my landlord refused to spray more then twice. Tested on one. Didn't work. They shouldnot be able to advertise this.
    9. Double sided tape. Tried 2 types. Didn't work. Guy at home Depot said he tried every kind they have and they wall over it just like mine did. The result of my baracade was that I became a human pizza.
    10. Found inside electronics and was not a huge infestation, but persistent..
    11. Bugs and eggs are not always visible so visual inspection is iffy.
    12. Changing inside door for reason above is iffy. Get large shower curatain white. wash with rubbing alcohol. Wrap clothes in bag for laundry.
    13. You can get legitimate post traumatic stress disorder from bed bugs. Depends on how long and how it effects you. It shouldn't be minimized for everyone equally.
    14. They do exist in laundry rooms and elevators despite being "inhospital" environments. Killed em there myself. As far as I'm concerned these bugs exist where humans are or have been..
    15. Sure it depends on the company but a highly reputable company in my city is guilty of a quick crappie 5 min job but have great online reviews. . Others must be inconsistant also.
    16. Dogs and false positives: a pest control guy explains that this industry is fullnof false treatments, some he hints are highly suspicious without visual confirmation from your stuff. Shady people are everywhere.

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