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Treatment tomorrow, have some questions.

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Sun Jul 12 2009 17:25:33

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    I'm having my 3rd treatment tomorrow morning (I feel that my treatments, including one thermal, have not been successful due to many infested units in this building and a less than helpful property management firm which is resulting in re-infestation and repellancy to other units), they've given me a list of the chemicals they will be using and I was wondering if a) they are effective and b) if they really are safe enough for myself, my 3 year old son and my cats to be re-entering my apartment after only 4 hours (as their documentation states).

    The list of chemicals is as follows: Tempo WP, Dragnet, Drione and Konk 407. Also I am in Canada, which may be of some importance, as I know some labels differ in Canada and the US.

    This has been a long, frustrating and drawn out battle for me, it just seems never ending. Maybe one day I'll regale you all with my tale of woe lol, but for today I would much rather read what you have to say in regards to my concerns, rather than prattle on about my war on these blasted vermin.

    Thanks in advance

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