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    Fri Mar 2 2018 22:41:16

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    I had another PCO come in and told him about the areas the k9 alerted too (5 different rooms). I don't think he was all that thorough, didn't even really check my son' s bookcase which I'm afraid may be a mess (and I hadn't looked thoroughly so as not to disturb). Anyway, he did find 2 casings and possibly a little one, but couldn't catch it to see for sure. I wasn't all that impressed and he doesn't just specialize in bed bugs. He suggested that because he couldn't find a lot that we would be OK with self-treating and recommended a product! I know that's not right! He said they could do chemical, but didn't think heat was necessary. I really want to do both, but now am wondering if I should first call the other company that says they do chemical only (and it sounds like they may only treat the infested rooms), but supposedly specialize in bed bugs and offer a 90 day guarantee. WE bought a heater unit to put clothes, toys and larger items (including the books, nightstand the dog alerted too and bookshelf that he alerted to that we were going to throw away anyway). Would chemical really be enough for a 3100 sq foot house that according to the k9 has activity in 5 different rooms? I don't think this has been going on much longer than 6 weeks. My husband also bought a UV flashlight so is really going to look hard this weekend and ziploc any evidence. After reading all these horror stories, I just want to get this taken care of as soon as possible. Oh, we already have box spring and mattress encasements, passive monitors, climb-ups on the beds, nightstand and bookshelf (no evidence there). We also don't want to spend unnecessarily either and aren't rich (I told a friend it would cost as much as a nice family vacation that we coudn't really afford anyway--so much for Disneyworld).

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