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Treatment #2-Should I pick $1500 heat treat. or $750 for 3 insecticide treats.??

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  1. toledo

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Mon Oct 25 2010 15:48:30

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    Treatment #1 was heat in just one room, where dog had alerted. Either the heat caused them to move or the dog was wrong, as they are now in two other bedrooms. PCO costs are for the second floor of my home. I suppose a third option would be to treat my whole house. My house is very old, with plaster walls and hardwood floors, which could be a factor. Insecticide prep only involves removing everything from the closet floors, removing all switchplates/outlet covers, and moving all furniture 2 feet from the walls. PCO doesn't seem worried about hanging clothes, which worries me. Any opinions appreciated!

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