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    Wed Feb 21 2018 13:37:34

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    This forum is amazing, and I've learned a lot, but I have a couple of specific questions regarding travel and my personal "quirks". Thankfully, I also do not have BBs, but a very dear friend does, and I'm learning to take travel precautions as I travel. My goal is to get a routine down that helps prevent any hitchhikers from taking hold, but that also works with my travel quirks:

    1) I normally travel light with a wheeled backpack and a small computer bag.

    2) I have shoulder issues, so I can only carry a backpack or any bag for a short period of time. Having them on wheels is essential for me.

    3) I rarely stay in a hotel and usually stay with friends/family, so I want to be able to prevent BBs being transferred to their stuff if I happen to pick any up whilst en route.

    4) While I might be able to invest in something like a packtite in the future, right now it's far out of budget, and I need to rely on diligence/less expensive means to deal with any BB.

    5) I'm always doing visual inspections and such. I'm just looking for additional measures to keep these guys at bay.

    After lots of research, my working plan is as follows:

    1) Barriers/ziplocks/etc... placed around a bag that's going into the cargo compartment don't really seem to be left in place by tsa, so even bothering doesn't seem to matter. However, I think it's entirely feasible to put all my belongings inside the bag into ziplocks. In theory, if nothing comes out of the bag and TSA doesn't inspect things, I can throw the bag immediately into a dryer upon arrival and bin the trash bag I use to bring it to the dryer.

    2) For carry on things, including my computer bag/backpack, I should be able to put them into large ziplocks before stowing them under the seat or in the overhead storage compartment. Things inside will also be bagged. Once I'm off the plane/train/bus, I can bin the bags and proceed as normal. Overall, this seems more reasonable as I'll always be in control of bags minus when they go through the tsa security line. Again, I can always dry them when I get to my destination.

    3) As far as using a dryer goes, is it better to throw things in a dry, then wash them, and then dry them again OR is it better to immediately wash then dry things OR does the order really matter.

    4) Anything that can be cleaned/wiped down will also be done with various products that kills bbs.

    4) Are there any other things aside from visual inspections, sealing everything up as tightly as possible, cleaning everything, and harnessing my OCD to help prevent these buggers that may help and be cost effective?

    5) My current wheeled backpack has an internal frame which makes washing/drying it a bit difficult. I'm wondering if there are any external wheeling options that could attach to the outside of a bag/backpack that would be easier to clean/pose less of a risk.

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