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Travel Tips to Avoid Bed Bugs for the Holidays

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  1. Beyond Bed Bugs

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Wed Nov 16 2011 9:30:30

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    This Holiday Season Bed Bugs and Beyond wants to share the gift of knowledge! Education is key when it comes to prevention/elimination of bed bugs. Follow the travel tips below to make sure you don’t bring home any unwanted guests for the Holidays!

    When traveling, talk to hotel management before checking in, to find out their policies and procedures for handling bed bugs. Having a proactive prevention and maintenance plan in place is key to successful elimination.

    Be aware and observant of your surroundings. Investigate all areas you plan on lying down, sitting or standing still in, for any extended period of time. This is important, since bed bugs are attracted to the heat and carbon dioxide your body produces.

    Inspect rooms you are visiting:

    •Use a flashlight to look for bugs or blood spots in corners, cracks and crevices
    •Behind the headboard (lift off brackets on the wall)
    •Along the seams, crevices and piping around the mattress
    •Under the mattress pad and under the sheets
    •Along the edges and underneath the box spring
    •Around joints in bedside tables (including drawers) and pictures above the bed
    Steps you can take:

    •Never set luggage on the bed or floor
    •When entering a foreign room, place luggage in the bathtub and do an inspection, then store luggage on racks set away from the wall or hang items up
    •Put any suspect items in sealed plastic bags until you can heat treat them or have them professionally treated with Sulfuryl Flouride.
    •Put everything you can into the dryer at 120 degrees for 40 minutes
    •Freeze what can’t take the heat for 2 weeks
    You can also visit to find out if the place you’re planning on staying at for your next vacation has been reported for bed bug infestations.

    If you’re having guests at your house for the holidays, follow the tips below to help minimize the chance of bed bugs hitchhiking in on them.

    •Don’t allow anyone to wear shoes inside the home. Leave shoes outside, place them in sealed plastic bins or bags and/or heat treat them in the dryer.
    •Keep a designated place where guests can keep their coats, purses, etc. and do not place belongings on couches, beds, etc.
    •Have your home pre-treated by a referred pest control operator before the holidays for added protection.

    We sincerely hope that you, your family and friends all have a lovely holiday season filled with joy.

    Help spread the word this Holiday Season, so we can stop spreading bed bugs!

  2. punaisedelit

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Mon Nov 21 2011 21:58:57

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    So I'm visiting my boyfriend for Thanksgiving, and I'm scared. I have already packed my clothes, new towels and a blanket I just bought in ziploc bags, after washing them on hot and drying them on hot. I left the bags in my car, in a plastic tote. When I leave, I'll put on clean clothes, taken out one of the ziploc bags of clean clothes at my house. My shoes, coat, and purse have been cleaned and kept in ziploc bags. I'll be driving, but I think my car is safe.
    When I arrive, I plan to undress, and have my BF put everything in the dryer (including coat and shoes) while I take a shower and put on clothes from the bags I had in my car. Does it sound like a good plan? Is there anything else I can do to ensure I don't contaminate his place?

  3. blargg

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Mon Nov 21 2011 23:28:09

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    When getting off a plane, I always brush myself off, and give my luggage a quick shake and tap the luggage against the ground (when no one's looking)... don't know if it does any good, but there's no way I'm ziploc-bagging my entire suitcase, that's overboard for me.
    I also make sure all my zippers are tightly closed while on the plane (luggage zippers, that is; though it doesn't hurt to check your fly as well). I give the overhead compartment a quick glance before shoving my crap in there.

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