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travel Qs - what do you do w/BugZip & best hotel monitors

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  1. leslie55

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Wed Dec 15 2010 11:27:42

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    I'm buying all sorts of goodies to prepare for our trip. I'm wondering if I should get a couple of more items. Some folks have mentioned using monitors in the hotel. Any particular brands/models folks recommend?

    I had thought of getting BugZip for the luggage but decided to just Ziploc our belongings and to place the luggage in a contractor bag, sealed with good strong tape. I'm still considering BugZip - but am wondering - what do folks do w/them when they leave the hotel? I read they can be heated in packtite, but how do you get it back home? Ziploc it? Throw away? Seems expensive and wasteful - so went with the contractor bag route.

    Do people worry about the Ziploc bags getting infested? If I keep them out - say on a table - with the contents sealed, can I then put those bags in the suitcase? Or am I risking the possibility of eggs and nymphs hitching along? Would you put your belongings in a fresh Ziploc (to place in the luggage) and toss the used ones before heading out of the hotel?

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