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Trashing almost everything before move... other advice?

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Wed May 30 2018 21:02:20

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    I have begun trashing literally every piece of furniture I own. It’s a long process and cannot all be done in one day obviously. The only things I am bringing with me to my new destination are my gaming consoles, computers, TVs, clothes, some kids toys and books and some stuffed animals (most of which have already been run through the dryer already). I am in tears as I type this as I watch myself literally throwing away memories and money. Where we are going we can have not even a small chance of bringing them with us. I still have an exterminator coming on Saturday even though most of my stuff will already hopefully be out of here by then. The bed bugs have been said to not be that bad and haven’t seemed to spread through the entire apartment. A hot spot seemed to be the couch as it was the only spot that I actually lives ones so I tossed the whole thing outside on the curb today.

    Do you guys believe I will be alright? Nothing that is clothing or stuffed is going to our destination until it is dried on high heat through the dryer. I don’t have any funds left to afford other alternative measures but I’d like to know what you think else I could do, if anything.

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