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  1. tryingalso

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Tue Nov 11 2014 4:51:29

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    The method on the site at seems like a good one, with a little bit of revision to make it less arduous and dangerous. One can use less CO2 generation while luring the bed bugs to the bed (can drape a sheet of plastic over the bed which 3 inches above the floor, and have that large sheet of plastic on the floor under the bed)...
    And after the luring component is done, add some more CO2 generation to under the bed, and then seal the bed up in plastic, except one hole to let the air escape out of. And later, seal that up. I'm not sure on timing and amounts of CO2 generation for this to work, and for all the air to be pushed out of the plastic containment. I'm sure that can be found online without too much research.

    Anyone try this yet? I'm tempted to... just wondering if it's been successful in the past... If there's no reviews, I'll likely try it anyway.

  2. bed-bugscouk

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Tue Nov 11 2014 6:18:08

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    That method has been discussed here many years ago and is widely accepted as not good.

    I once sealed bedbugs into a bag and set up a chemical reaction which would not stop until the oxygen was depleted. I then waited another 3 days and opened the bags.

    The next day the bedbugs that appeared dead woke up. You can find the information if you search for "zombie bedbugs".

    Hope that saves you from wasting time and effort.

    David Cain
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