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Too broke for this

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  1. Panic

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Fri Mar 10 2017 21:41:39

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    My daughter's best friend lives down the street from us. The two girls would always play together, and often stayed all night at each-others houses on the weekends. Long story short, her family had been half-assed fighting a bed bug problem for months, and for reasons unknown, decided not to tell me about it. Her house was infested and yet she still allowed my child to spend the night without saying a word.... It was only AFTER I got them in my house. Only THEN did she fess up and say she had a problem.
    So now we have bed bugs.
    I first noticed two live bugs on our couch about six days ago. I immediately recognized what they were. I checked all the beds in the house and every single one of them had at least two or three bugs. Even my baby's crib had a couple.
    I lost my mind. I immediately purchased supplies. I wrapped all furniture and had it hauled off. I sprayed bed bug spray, used a steamer, used alcohol in a spray bottle, and used large amounts of DE all over the house. I washed and bagged all clothing/toys/etc.
    My family consists of me, my fiance, and our four children (one of whom is a baby)... I stored away all clean clothing, only allowing each person in the family to keep a few outfits out to use during the week.
    We now have almost no furniture in the house. We sleep on air mattresses that I clean and spray daily with alcohol. I wash our blankets and pillows every single day.
    I have not seen any bugs, dead or alive, sense the initial discovery six days ago. I have not seen any castings whatsoever, or droppings anywhere. I have cleaned and sprayed alcohol on nearly every surface of every room in my house. I have wrapped double sided tape around the legs of what little furniture I have left. I have placed bed bug traps under each leg of the baby's bed. (he is the only family member who kept his bed). I believe the last bite was received around four days ago.
    We have spent so much money. We are broke. We already lived paycheck to paycheck before this bed bug issue... Now we seriously have no money. We had to let our bills go late. We have been living off ramen noodles and what few canned food items are left on our shelves...
    When will this be over? Can I even beat this by myself? I cannot afford the professionals to come treat the house.
    Our landlord refused to assist us in our fight, because "we brought the infestation into the house ourselves" Before all this, we were planning to move this spring, now, however, we are not allowed to move until we rid the house of bed bugs. The land lord will sue us if we don't fix the problem. We even had a place picked out and were trying to set up a date to move in April... just a few weeks away.
    I am so angry at our neighbor...
    I feel embarrassed and humiliated.
    I have been crying every day. I am exhausted and paranoid.
    How do I know if I have beaten the problem?
    Does it sound like I caught it early?

  2. bedbugsbugme

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Fri Mar 10 2017 23:32:56

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    You need to look up the law regarding your landlord. In most cases they have to pay for treatment.

    I really feel for you darling. I was 39 weeks pregnant with my son when we found out we had them. I lost my mind and lost many nights of sleep as I'd watch over my daughter while she slept. There are a few success stories of people who DIY and beat them. However if your neighbors have them in the same building it may never go away until everyone is treated.

    Are you living in an apartment? Most of the time bed bugs can spread from apartment to apartment and if your landlord has this attitude then the issue will not be resolved. If your daughters friends mother was spraying aerosol sprays, that most likely caused them to run and seek refuge in the next unit.

    Please stop using sprays. They only cause bed bugs that don't die to spread out even more. That is all I can suggest for now other than reading the many FAQs on this site until an expert can fully answer your questions.

    Good luck

    I'm not an expert. Just sharing what I learned from my experience.
  3. bugged-cdn

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sat Mar 11 2017 6:31:58

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    Be careful with spraying alcohol. People have set their house on fire doing so. Alcohol will only kill a bug that you can see (it's a contact killer) so your index finger will do the same job.

    When you say you used "large amounts of DE all over the house", that is a concern. Please read the FAQ for safety information regarding dusts. Essentially, you should barely be able to see it after application, it has to be a very light dusting.

  4. Livingagain

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sat Mar 11 2017 19:52:43

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    Don't use DE, get Cimexa and use it instead, it's much more effective. Most store bought sprays don't work either so don't waste your money.

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