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To Lanlords and Property Managers !

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  1. P Bello

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Mon Jun 16 2014 7:33:51

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    Dear Folks,

    The following is posted in response to dealing with some bed bug related issues over the past few weeks. This message/post is primarily for Landlords and Property Managers who own and/or manage multi-family locations however, residents of such locations may find this information useful as well.

    Please review and consider the following:

    > Initially, bed bugs are a people problem and NOT a building problem. However, given time and circumstances they can become a building problem.

    > A suitable bed bug management program is fundamentally a "get rid of the bed bugs program" and NOT a get rid of the residents program.

    > Keep an eye on the results of your bed bug management program. Just because you hired what appeared to be a decent and acceptable pest professional at the time to take care of your bed bugs does not mean that the work and results are going well for an extended period of time. You actually need to manage the program over time and this includes checking on and monitoring the results thereof.

    > Avoid the temptation to try off the cuff do it yourself methodologies in response to your initial bed bug complaint.

    > Even though you may actually own the building, this does NOT grant you license to apply pesticides in an abode in which you do not personally reside ! Nearly all states in the US have regulations regarding the application of pesticides within an apartment which is inhabited by others and/or is being let or rented by others.

    > You MUST check with your local and state regulations and become suitably licensed and insured to apply pesticides as required by the regulations in place.

    > By now here in 2014 bed bugs are "old news" and you cannot depend upon ignorance nor should you if you are a housing management professional.

    > Bed bugs can move from unit to unit, floor to floor and, due to logistical factors, building to building across you facility or complex.

    > Bed bugs can ruin people's lives and you must be responsive to the needs of your residents as this will protect your investment in your facilities and properties.

    > Know this: Yes, you can blame your resident but if you mishandle the situation and the bed bug problem persists, often time such residents move out leaving you with the bed bug problem in your building. So you're then left with no resident, your building and YOUR bed bugs.

    > This isn't cockroaches or ants. There's a lot more to bed bugs than meets the eye and they need to be taken seriously !

    > Do the right thing. Take care of your residents and everything else will take care of itself.

    Have a nice day ! pjb

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