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Tips for cooling mattress after adding protector?

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  1. mysterybites

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    Posted 7 months ago
    Fri Apr 12 2019 9:12:18

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    It appears our minor infestation has been resolved (thank god) but now I'm waking up soaked in sweat every night thanks to the bed bug mattress protector. I'm scared to take it off in the small chance there are bugs trapped in it. We have a memory foam mattress which already runs warm.

    Would adding a second "cooling" bamboo protector negate the hot effects of the protector? This beats bed bugs but it still sucks, ha.

  2. SalsaVince

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    Posted 7 months ago
    Fri Apr 12 2019 12:50:15

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    I'm not sure why having a mattress cover would affect how warm you feel in bed. They are generally pretty thin and made from a cooler impervious material rather than a thick heat trapping cloth. You could put a gel mattress topper on top of it if that helps or the bamboo thing you're talking about.

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  3. BigDummy

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    Posted 7 months ago
    Fri Apr 12 2019 13:25:32

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    The solution is just as painful as the bed bug infestation, your sleep is being disturbed.
    I'd scrap the mattress cover. They can be useful on box springs but really don't offer much on a mattress in my opinion.
    As long as the treatment was more than two weeks ago any eggs will have hatched by this time. A detailed inspection during the removal of the cover should suffice. You may want to ask the service tech if the mattress was treated while encased, then I wouldn't have much concern for any survivors.

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