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Timeline - Should I still be worried?

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    Good evening!

    I know my story is around here somewhere, or at least part of it, but in an attempt to calm my out of control anxiety, I thought it best to post a timeline of definite and possible exposures to bed bugs to see if I might be able to stop freaking out soon.

    Dec. 2015: Mom has them, and I am bitten numerous times while visiting for Christmas. The other two apartments had them too. Landlord refused to help. My husband and I were staying with his parents at the time.

    Jan. 2016 - July 2016: Getting random bites every few weeks, but still visiting mom (not sleeping there) every few weeks, so I thought they could be from her place. Began to worry when I read they were very easily spread. Told husband's parents there was a possibility I hadon't brought them over yet I hadn't seen a single bugal yet, and the bites were only one or two at a time every few weeks. Wrapped up and threw away the couch I was sleeping on. MAYBE saw two bugs, but a TON of cast skins. Decided to have a spray done just in case. Husband and I have a HUGE fight, and I walk out.

    Mid July 2016 - Mid Aug. 2016: Take temporary refuge in a hotel. Find a cast skin on the second night and run out of there like a bat out of hell! Stayed with my aunt for a few weeks and remained completely bite free for sixteen days. Moved into a new apartment, and the night I moved in, I noticed no less than 12 spiders on the windowsills, in the corners, everywhere. Now, I ADORE spiders, but that was even too much for me as I was sleeping in that room. Slept on an air mattress on the floor and woke up three hours later with a giant red welt on the back of my neck. After all I had been through up to that point, and though I found no evidence of bed bugs in the new apartment, I was heart broken and terrified. The landlord let me out of the lease. Later that same night, (I was outside for several hours) three new bites appeared very suddenly. One on my arm, one on the inside of my wrist, and one on my finger. I thank my lucky stars I got out of there and decided I wanted to reconcile with my husband. You learn a lot about life and what is important after dealing with these little monsters.

    I learned that no evidence was discovered by the exterminators who treated my husband's parents' place, nothing was caught in the traps after the first spray, and they were due for their second in a few days. I moved back in a day before their second spray. Nothing was found again, and everyone started to breathe a sigh of relief. Everyone but me....

    Mid Aug. - Present: A week goes by without even the hint of a bite. Then, when I am outside one evening, three new bites appear. One on the back of each arm and one on my back right at the waistline. They didn't look exactly like the ones I had previously, but I was still devastated. Told husband's parents, but they said they looked like mosquito bites and not to worry. So I tried my best to do that....without much success.

    No sign of a bite, bug, or anything else for 20 days. During this time, thanks to the amazing experts here, I realize that the TONS of cast skins I thought I saw when wrapping up the couch belonged to carpet beetles. Well, 95% of them at least. I was relieved, but I also felt a little foolish for even leaving in the first place. What if I brought them in again from those few stupid hours in that apartment? That's my biggest concern right now, even though nothing left that apartment without being double bagged in new garbage bags or ziploc bags in garbage bags. All clothing was washed and dried on HOT as well before moving back in with my husband.

    I received a small bite on my foot about a week ago, on day 20, but it looked nothing like the others and happened when I was outside.

    Anyway, what are my risks right now? I've checked our bed and found nothing but food stains and carpet beetle skins on the floor beneath it and in the corners. Found a few large spiders too. We know my husband is reactive from the time we spent at my mom's during Christmas, but he hasn't been bitten at all. Thankfully, my mom just moved into a new apartment and started her 30 day countdown!

    So yeah....should I continue to worry? Wouldn't they come out to feed before 20 days had passed?

    I know that was REALLY long. My apologies.

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