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This problem must be HUGE

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  1. newlybuggy

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    Posted 12 years ago
    Fri Nov 30 2007 18:36:06

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    Hi. I had my bedbug case confirmed on Tuesday and this is the first time I've had to be online. I'm really glad to find a support group here. I'm a big mouth, so even though my apartment complex told me that there was no need to talk to people or the media, I posted a blog about this on myspace today.


    I haven’t been around because something horrible happened....

    ...but it's nothing to do with anyone's that, at least, is fortunate.

    I really don't know whether I should blog about this problem, but from what I'm reading, it's on the I figured I'd go ahead and be honest about it.

    I noticed back in around mid-September that I was getting bites. I assumed mosquitoes.

    It seemed to increase and then my apartment complex put out a leaflet that fleas were around. Everyone around me seems to have a little dog, so I flea-bombed my apartment twice.

    I was still noticing a rash, so, I booked a Dr. appointment.

    Then, Sunday, I woke up and there was something on my arm. I caught it and put it in a plastic bag. I Googled and...much to my horror, it looked like the pictures I saw of "bedbug". Monday, first thing, I went to my apartment office with the plastic bag. Tuesday morning they called and said I needed to be prepared because the extermintors (who visit my apartment once a month and I've never even had a roach) would be coming.

    At 10:30 Tuesday the exterminator came and confirmed the bed bug in the bag. Then, in my apartment, he confirmed some indication of them in my futon, my bed, and my armchair.

    Let me say this, BED BUGS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH CLEANLINESS...and believe me, I'm completely skeeved and have been having nighmares and total anxiety about it since they were found. But standing in my apartment, the resident manager said, "You are so clean!" and the exterminator said, "This has nothing to do with how neat you are. These things are even in motel rooms." I have brought NOTHING new into my apartment. Everything I have has been there since I moved in and never had a sign of the problem before. My floors are all wood and I read that these love wood floors and can be dormant for a long time before they come back. There's no way to know where they came from. And that's why I was in trouble. The manager said that I didn't need to "talk to the media...these things can get blown out of proportion..."

    I lost my futon, my bed and box spring, and my armchair. I was given no choice. I was told that they had to be taken and burned. The manager seemed surprised that I wasn't having a fit and said, "You realize that you are going to lose all these things for good." I said, "...crying or yelling is not going to prevent that, is it?" I complied. While I was at my doctor's appointment (which I decided to go to anyway because I was still sick with a cough)...maintenance came in and took them all away.

    I was told that the exterminators would arrive Thursday at 1 pm to treat the apartment and those around it as well and that I would have to basically move out and back in. Everything made of material (curtains, clothes, bedding towels...had to be washed in hot water...)

    That night, in an incredulous stupor (I hadn't slept well since I found the bug and had been getting bites) , after I'd started to pack what I could, finally at midnight I went and checked into a motel. I showered first and put on clean clothes and took a plastic bag with a few belongings with me. If I had to do what they said, I needed some sleep and with bugs and nothing to sleep ON...that wasn't going to happen. I wasn't about to go to a family member's house, either.

    The next morning I called the manager and told her what I'd done.

    I told her that there was virtually NO WAY I could pack and move everything with two days' notice. I also wanted to know if they could help with cleaning my rugs. (I was told they would have to be cleaned and proof of that provided before they could move back into the apartment.) I got called into a special meeting at 1pm.

    I was told that attorneys had been consulted and the only responsibility for the landlord was extermination. After hearing for a day that, "you haven't done anything to cause this", "it can happen to anyone" THEIR focus seemed to shift to the idea that I was the source and there was never a problem before and they were doing everything they had to. In short, "sucks to be you." They said they couldn't delay the extermination and they couldn't give me anyplace to put my belongings while it happened.

    Later, some things relented a bit (I'd already called my brother and told him I was gonna need a heapload of help and it was an emergency). It takes a lot to make me panic and be near a complete meltdown...but I was close.

    They gave me some help with laundry cards and I did six loads Wednesday night. Also, Project Now provided a U Haul in front of my place the next day, so that I could put my belongings in it for the four hours I couldn't be in the apartment.

    I slept on the floor from 12-3:30 and got bit. So, I started packing again. my sainted brother arrived at 8am to help me and we worked our patoots off. There were no breaks, no additional help...somehow we managed to have the apartment ready at 1pm. There was some panicked throwing stuff into bags and down to the truck, however, when they said the kitchen needed EVERYTHING out of it.

    They were very stern. I walked into the living room when they were in there, after we'd got the last of the kitchen done and I said, "Look, you seem annoyed with are the same guys who've been in here every month for a year. I want you to know that I was given TWO DAYS notice for this and I've done EVERYTHING I can to make sure you could do this." They seemed to lighten up a little bit.

    Apparently, after they were done. My brother heard them telling the manager that this, "was just a matter of time and they'd been waiting for it to happen someplace..."

    ...that's slim comfort, of course.

    I have to worry that I might have taken these someplace my mom's or my grandma's. I'll just DIE if they turn up...but so far, nothing.

    Every part of my body hurts and my hands and feet are swollen today. After everything was put back in the apartment, I came to grandma's. (Everything we wore got stripped off of us and washed in hot water when we arrived and everything in my car has been washed in hot water and bagged in new bags.) Still, I'm just petrified that somehow these bedbugs will find a way to carry on.

    I've told the complex that I'm going to leave the pesticide in there and be away for 5 days. (I COULD have moved back in, but everything left in the hard furniture that could be treated has been up ended, drawers short, my place looks like it was ransacked...and everything must be washed...every THING...every surface.

    So, I figured it was best this way. Leave the pesticide IN there in case they aren't gone yet. In fact, pest guy is going to go back in Monday and ensure there are no signs and I told them to tell him to spray if he wants to.

    This has been a waking nightmare...and there's a lot more work to be done...and I have been left with nothing soft to sleep on.

    But hopefully, its over. I just hate reading stories about how hard it is to get rid of them.


    A family member told me that bed bugs were a front page story in our local paper a month or so ago...there have been two confirmed cases in my local area.

    You gotta wonder how many others are suffering in silence.

  2. Bites44

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    Posted 12 years ago
    Fri Nov 30 2007 20:59:36

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    I'm so sorry about your experiences, and that you have joined this "club". Even though there is a lot of help here, and much good information, it is not a favorite club to be in.

    We are the sleepless; the fighters; the anxious; the brave; the bitten; the ones with thinning pocket books, the thrower outers of good furniture, the "when will it all end" club. But we take heart. There is much help on this forum. I am amazed when I see so many members and professionals, and especially "Nobugsonme", administrator, help to answer questions and comfort people (myself included, even though I live far away from New York City.)

    Yes, must be a lot of people suffering in silence, but it is so good to see the friendliness here, and it is good to speak out. So take heart,--myself I am going to steam some stuff right now.

  3. newlybuggy

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    Posted 12 years ago
    Fri Nov 30 2007 21:55:50

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    Thank you.

    When I say I'm a "big mouth"'s not really that I'm a big mouth...just that after I read enough to think something is worth talking about ... even if it's embarrassing...I'll do it.

    You know what I think would be a great invention? Something that simulates a sleeping human. Something warm...emitting CO2? Then they could treat your place and lay a few of THOSE down to entice the bed bugs into the poison.

    My apartment is entirely wood floored...with baseboards raised from the floor.

    I'm wondering if I should ask the landlord if they want to caulk after I've cleaned post extermination.

    I don't think they can complain a lot. I've complied with everything to the point of losing all of my furniture and moving out and in with two days notice.

    I also have an adorable cockatiel and I'll bet he was getting bit, too.

    And I didn't have company or move anything new into my place...these came from seemingly nowhere.

    I've comforted myself today by listening repeatedly to Monty Python's "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life".

    I'm very glad I found "my peeps".

  4. aye

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    Posted 12 years ago
    Sat Dec 1 2007 13:34:49

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    ditto everything bites said. welcome to the club, newlybugged ...

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