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This is a nightmare!

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    Sun Jul 13 2014 20:53:28

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    I've thrown out almost everything I own in my two bedrooms from me and my 2 kids and I am still getting bites. I've been thinking it's all in my head but I still called the landlord today just to get another spray down in case. And he hits me with a bomb, "they're in the apt on top of me and next door to them". I go upstairs and speak to them and they said they were sprayed Friday, I was done Wednesday so they must have came right back to me when theirs was done. They also said the guy next door hasnt had an inspection. I knocked next to me to let them know and they had no idea, told them to call the landlord too. I've already been extremely stressed about this and it seems like it will never end. My grades in school are suffering and my overall attitude is just terrible that I am beginning to take it out on my kids every time I wake up with a new bite. DE will do but so much if they just continue to come in through the walls. I've patched up so many cracks and I probably still have more I cannot see. After 3 sprays 311 said the next step is housing court, something I didn't want to do but I guess it's to that point if he is not notifying everyone.
    Anyone have any advice to help me cope I am a mess and becoming more and more irritable by the day.

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