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Third treatment tomorrow, advice, help please

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  1. ann9787

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Tue Dec 20 2011 16:28:06

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    I have been battling a bb problem for 18 months now and just when I start to see the light at the end of the tunnel I get a series of new bites. I am distrought, depressed and discouraged at this point.

    I have done all that I can on my own as all the pest control/bedbug companies want more money than I have at this point.

    I have treated multiple times with Termperid ($100 a bottle, on my third right now) and I am still getting bites.

    I was told three treatments should do the trick and I am going to do my third treatment tomorrow but feeling very discouraged.

    I have been extremely thorough about where and how I've been applying the solution. I can't imagine one nook or crevice I've missed. I have saturated my box springs, baseboards, carpeting, bed, outlets, and everything else I can with this stuff and am starting to doubt it's effectiveness.

    I will spend another 4+ hours tomorrow treating my bedroom for the third time but did such a thorough job the first two times I can't believe I have about 12 new bites since my last treatment.

    I am treating every 7-10 days as recommended by the store I purchased the termperid from. I don't have any clutter anywhere, I have removed the bed frame from my home (just have the metal frame for the box springs/mattress which I completely saturate) , have no clothes close to my bed or any in my closets that are touching the floor and no pictures hanging on the walls. No nightstands or anything close to my bed.

    I am constantly searching with a magnifying glass and can not detect a single one but have noticed a couple of dead ones by the baseboards. They are obviously still hiding out and biting me.

    Is there something I'm missing? I am constantly putting pillows and blankets in the dryer for hours at a time and don't keep a single thing next to my bed like shoes, etc;.

    I have become a recluse because of this - bites all over my body. What am I doing wrong? I can't imagine anyone doing a better job at spraying like I've been doing. I need some suggestions from anyone who has had a similar problem with trying to do this on their own, please.

    I have always been such a take charge, problem solving kind of person but now I feel reduced to a sniveling, whining victim. I hate these damn bugs! I need them to all be dead soon. Am I wasting my money and time on this Temperid stuff? It's suppose to be the most effective chemical to treat with.

    It seems like I can't imagine a time when my arms, legs and back were not covered with old or new bites. If this third treatment doesn't do it, I may have to start selling everything I own to come up with the couple thousand for the heat treatment. If I would have done that in the beginning I would have ended up spending less money in the end not to mention tears and anxiety.

    I hope my next post here is to say I've eradicated them finally!

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