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They won't go away... help!

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  1. rg3bharper

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Mon Jun 3 2013 0:41:47

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    I've had itching on my arms for about a month. I have psorasis and thought that it was the cause (mixed with allergies). In inspecting our bedroom, we found exoskeletons of BB. We found a few live ones when we lifted the box spring (we threw that and the bedframe out). This was 2 weeks ago. We had a pest control specailist k9 come out: dog only detected on couch and specialist visiually saw 1 live nymph on bed. He stated it wasn't an infestation but a presence. We covered the place in DE and started washing/drying everything. We also rtrashed a lot of clutter and moved clothe to plastic bags and put in car. After days of DE all over the place, we steam cleaned the carpets and vaccumed everything up. We had another pest control specialist come out who said we had such a small issue a full thermal radiation would be waste of $$ (it's freggin expensive!). They did a liquid treatment all over the apartment and into the electrical sockets. We placed our cars with the bags of items in our driveway with the sun beaming down on them for hours (it was 92 degrees this weekend) as direction by the specialist.

    I have cleaned this place head to toe and even purchased a steamer and steamed everything we own, the walls, applicance, floors, bathroom, kitchen, and my own body (mistake, that hurt like hell). Our mattress is in an encasement (since friday) and today we have found 3 live bed bugs (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen floor). I am really starting to lose my mind. I've gone above and beyond treatment and it's not working. My fiancee and I own a house in NY that has already been through hell with Hurricane Sandy, I am paranoid out of mind we may take these things there. I also stay with my Dad a lot recently bc my Mom just died. I would never fogive myself if I infested my poor Dad's house. Clearly by those last 2 statements I have been through a lot and understand what is really a "dire" situation vs an "annoying" situation; however I feel like I am in hell.

    I'm really desperate for some advise or other professional opinions. Am I wasting my time? Am I not being thorough enough? Should I be more patient? How long am I going to have to live like this? What else should I be doing?

  2. Saturn

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Mon Jun 3 2013 13:11:17

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    What type of residence is this? Single family home/duplex/condo/apartment/other.
    It sounds like the professional treatment you had was pretty recent (within the past week). If that is the case, then it is normal that you might have a few unkilled adults and/or newly hatched bed bugs roaming around, as it takes time for the chemical treatments to kill off all of the bugs. Typically, you will need a second treatment about 2 weeks after the first one.
    The plastic-bags-in-a-hot-car treatment is not especially reliable, that doesn't sound like good advice. A regular clothes dryer kills bedbugs and eggs much more reliably.
    I'm a little bit concerned about you hurting yourself with the diy treatments you have chosen. DE can be helpful, but you need to be careful about how you use it - more is not better. If you apply it "all over the place" it can cause harmful effect on your lungs, skin, and eyes. Also, there is no benefit to applying ANY treatment method to your own body. That is not where the bed bugs are hiding. A regular bath or shower (doesn't even need to be hot) is more than enough to get bugs off of your body.
    If you find any additional bugs, I would encourage you to post photos to this forum. It's possible that the bugs you are finding are not in fact bed bugs. Please read through all of the FAQ's to learn about how to use steam and DE safely and effectively.

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