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Thermal Treatment - apartment in 4 unit brownstone

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  1. bugliner

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Thu Jan 20 2011 11:26:15

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    Hi, after reading through many reports on this forum I would like to
    share my experience with all of you.

    How it all began:
    - we found a bed bug 3 weeks ago, didn't see any afterwards, although almost taking everything apart
    - we've got bites since then (tiny ones) until the day before yesterday
    - we had a positive reaction from K9 on couch, bed
    - we checked the other apartments (top/bottom) with K9 - and talked to the neighbors left and right.
    It seems that we have an isolated problem in our apartment

    PCO of choice:
    - we hired a AAA superior to perform a thermal treatment yesterday
    - They were very responsive and provided all information we needed prior to giving them the
    contract. At the heat treatment they acted competent and did a thorough job keeping the heat for 4
    hours, moving everything, so that the heat can penetrate couch, furniture...

    - We left computers and electronics in the apartment - they still work properly
    - Batteries, candles and flamable goods in the fridge
    - We took freshly heated clothing on us and nothing else when we left the apartment prior to the

    - from 10.30am to 7.30pm
    - The PCOs did heat treat everything and also all our clothing that were hanging in the cabinets
    (packed afterwards into black plastic bags). Although we were living out of ZipLocs before we
    decided to unpack the clothing to let them go through the heat treatment as well (we were so
    paranoid, that we missed killing some of the beasts by the dryer)

    How did the apartment react to the heat?:
    1. the veneer from the bed came of (IKEA)
    2. The door in the bathroom still has a hard time closing (distorted from the heat, but might be ok
    after a while)
    3. Electronics are working as far I can tell about the stuff I tested

    Next steps:
    Let's wait and hope that this is it.....

  2. BarelyLiving2

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Thu Jan 20 2011 19:51:42

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    It's good to get feedback. Be sure and come back and update us.

  3. bugliner

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sun Feb 20 2011 11:00:49

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    Ok, two weeks ago we found two bugs crawling on the floor near our bed.
    We called our PCO and explained the situation. He relpied immediatley and
    suggested that the heat treatment might not have penetrated through the hollow
    wood floor. He suggested to have diatomaceous earth to treat the floor and around the
    baseboards of the room. This was last weekend and we are waiting that DE will help.
    The PCO suggested to have another thermal heat treatment if the DE dos not do the full job,
    but at least the DE should take care of the flooe and other cavities.

  4. scottincincy

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Mon Feb 21 2011 14:32:42

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    I have been reading everything on these forums and internet about bedbugs.. have been battling them for about a year!!! Finally had an exterminator come and do thermal treatment... heated home up to 150-160 degrees and held that temp for 6 hours..... I stayed around to just make sure he did heat house up... rest of family left for about eight hours... after he left, about three hours later, found three half live ones in a pile of dead ones behind a dresser in one bedroom..... later that evening, found one live one crawling on bathroom wall... next day saw two more live ones crawling around upstairs... this sucks!! He is coming back to retreat house, since he GUARANTEES to kill ALL bed bugs and their eggs.....hopefully this second heat treatment followed with a chemical treatment will finally rid my home of these bugs....

    And by the way, it took FOREVER to be able to post this... the first password I was assigned simply did not work.. so i asked to have it reset (thinking it would allow me to CHOOSE one).. but all it did was give me another complicated combination of symbols, letters, bot lower and uppercase and some numbers.... fortunately this one worked

  5. jeffklein

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Wed Oct 12 2011 18:28:19

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    That is why a warranty is important. A lot of companies provide no guarantees. The benefit of this is its cheaper and I guess ok as long as its done correctly. I know that if I was on the other end a warranty would help me sleep better. So what ended up happening? Was it a success?

    Bed Bug and Thermal Remediation Specialist
    Please email me directly for support. Thank you.

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