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The two times the mattress check has saved me

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    I'm very fortunate to say I've never had bed bugs (fingers crossed, touch wood, salt over shoulder, etc). I just wanted to share the two occasions that the mattress check has saved me from an infestation.

    By "mattress check", I mean pulling the cover off the corners of the mattress and looking for bloodstains when assessing any new place to stay in, whether hotel or rented accommodation. If checking out a hotel I haven't booked in advance, I'll always ask to see the room before paying money. If it's a place I booked online in advance, I'll check the mattress as soon as I arrive in the room, so I can ask for another room/refund if needed.

    First time was travelling in Laos last year. Arrived at Muang Ngoi, an idyllic village on a bend in the Nam Ou river. First place I looked at, did the mattress check, lots of blood stains. Horrific! Of course I was outta there. Stayed in another place which was little more than a hut, but the place was scrupulously clean, run by a fiercely proud and hardworking local family, no bugs.

    Second time was looking for rented accommodation in Taipei recently. One place I viewed, pulled back the cover on a corner of the mattress, actually saw a bug scurry off into the corner and under the mattress. Landlady claimed it was a cockroach but this seems unlikely, what's a cockroach doing hiding under a bedsheet?

    It's thanks to resources like this forum that I even know to do this check. So a big thanks to everyone involved.

    Yes the mattress check is not perfect, but it at least helps you avoid the worst infested places and reduces the chances of running into an infestation.

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