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Thanks All....

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  1. Blackheart

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Tue Aug 8 2017 22:30:03

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    I guess I am so unliked no one wants to help, I know there are a few I pissed off before, but seriously why hold grudges....??

    Ok I'm gone, best of luck to all, I would never want anyone to feel as hopeless as I do now...

  2. nomorebuggs

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Tue Aug 8 2017 23:15:31

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    I dont think its that no one cares or had no input, but more simply that you happened to post over the weekend when it tends to be slower, and subsequently a lot of the expert ID request posts get replied to and bumped up, so sometimes posts just get overlooked. I have had posts go un-replied to too. Lots of us have.

    You could always lightly bump your post if you're looking for more feedback, or start a new post with a specific question.

    Sometimes others who aren't experts arent sure what to say. I know I'm guilty of this myself.

    Not an expert. Any advice I give is information gleaned via anxiety-fueled research of credible sources and expert posts here. Please research all advice before treating and consult a professional.

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