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Thank you Denise Donovan!!!

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    Tue Apr 18 2017 13:43:38

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    "Denise Donovan is the Founder and Director of The Southern California Bed Bug Task Force, Co-Founder and Director of The National Bed Bug Resource Authority (NBBRA) and Founder of the International Bed Bug Resource Authority. She teaches people about bed bugs globally."

    I can't thank her enough. She just took over 2.5 hours out of her day to talk to me and give me advice both mentally and regarding my situation. I talked to her back in January and she pulled me off the cliff and took an hour out of her day then. Recently my anxiety has been through the roof so I called her again and because of her I've been able to eat for the first time in 3 days.

    I'll be clear, she's not a therapist, and I feel bad for taking the time out of her day, after all, my phone call cost her money, not me. But she listened and talked and I can't thank her enough. She has written books on bed bugs and is the creator of the recently discussed bed bug dots, but she didn't push anything onto me, didn't try to get me to buy her books(although I may eventually do so if my situation persists) or insist on buying her dots. She just gave me advice and listened... for the first hour and a half, then we spent the next hour talking about a few people on here among other things. One of the things I respect about her is she takes the time to educate, which is a big issue with bed bugs... people are just not educated and she does her part to not only educate about bed bugs and treatments, but about prevention and the importance of early detection. Shes a good person and wish her a long and healthy, bed bug free life.

    Lou Sorkin is part of her advisory board as well as Richard Naylor. Believe me, she knows bed bugs and probably any bed bug experts/entomologists you know or have heard of.

    If you need some advice on handling an infestation whether it be dyi methods or even help finding a decent pco or just regarding the education of bed bugs, check out her site and even give her a call. Bed bugger provides a lot of tools as well and I'm thankful but sometimes things get drowned out on here and having a different, expert perspective is nice. And if you can, make a donation to her site, she doesn't make near enough money for what she does for people and when I'm in a better position when I can, I will donate, believe me, I won't forget her.

    I am not an expert, any advice I give should be considered as amateur advice and not taken as fact. I mean well with all my posts and try to give back. If you plan on using any of my advice, I suggest doing research into said advice to make sure it is in your best interest.
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