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Testing my books for bugs

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  1. Mayhem

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sat Jul 22 2017 10:12:37

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    Hi everyone!

    So I've had bed bugs since late May (brought them back from San Francisco), and while the bugs were localized to my bedroom for the majority of that time, last week my roommate and I realized she was getting bites from the couch. I have since made a plan for the couch, as well as for the rest of the apartment, for the most part.

    Which leads me to my books. Now, I have a few books that were in my room. I saw what I assume to be nymphs crawl over one of those, so the whole lot is now double bagged and waiting to go into long-term storage in my fianc├ęs mom's attic. But the main bulk of my books is downstairs in my living room, where the couch is, but across the big room away from the couch. I figure it's somewhat unlikely that there are bugs there, since staying inside the huge sectional sofa would be more convenient for the bugs, but I'm paranoid so I want to be sure. I know a visual inspection is something I'll be doing for every book, but I'm worried about the spines of the hardbacks. My idea for that is to use my roommates hair dryer and the nozzle attachment on it and use it on the books to see if anything scuttles out. I figure if I do a visual inspection of all the books and use the blow dryer on a random selection, my books will be proven safe to move. Does this seem like a decent plan? I'd rather not store all my books for over a year, but I'll do it if I must, and I can't really afford most other options.

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sat Jul 22 2017 19:24:41

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    Inspecting can be done but you may miss something. It may not take longer in terms of hands-on time (in fact, may take much less) and may be more reliable to treat the books, if you're concerned.

    Treating with DDVP strips in a sealed bag or Rag in a Bag (with Cirkil/Proof) or heat are options too. See the Useful Tools page here and following for DDVP and Rag in a Bag, and here for heaters. DDVP strips and rag in a bag are not costly options.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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