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New feature: can embed videos here

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    Posted 11 years ago
    Thu Aug 28 2008 19:17:42

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    You can now include a link to a video site (many but not all are supported) and it will automatically load as an embedded video. Do NOT use the "embedded" code, instead just include a regular URL. In youtube videos, the end of the video gives you a URL or an embedded code, so pick the URL (http://...).

    These formats are supported, but I think most people here link to youtube:

    * myvideo
    * funnyordie
    * collegehumor
    * dailymotion
    * sevenload
    * glumbert
    * youtube
    * googlevideo
    * liveleak
    * metacafe
    * clipfish
    * gametrailers
    * Vidmeo

    Please don't repeat links to videos already posted in the forums or blog (you can link to those threads instead).

    For example, to show the following youtube video, I copied the URL provided by youtube.

    Warning: non-appropriate videos (unrelated to bed bugs) or adult content may get you banned.

    Thanks, all!

    Let me know what you think.

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    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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