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Tentative success story....or total denial?

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Thu Feb 24 2011 21:55:06

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    So, my last treatment was Jan 10. Since then I've been the only one to have weekly "mystery bites," always on my arms, but these seem to be getting smaller and less frequent, so who knows. Nothing caught in any monitors, no fecal, no bugs seen, nothing to indicate that we still have bed bugs (except my mystery bites). I'm assuming that, since it's been nearly 2 months, I would see something by now if I still had them. Baby's crib is heavily isolated, and she was the one showing the most bites, so that's where the denial factor comes in....that maybe they are just coming to me, and since I barely react (except for tiny itchy red holes, that I may or may not have always had since moving to NYC) no definite alarms are going off.

    What I can say definitely is that our situation seems better, at least for now, so I'll call it "relative success." I hope that the second I post this I don't see a bug or get bitten.

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