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Tenant rights if apartment neighbor isn't treating?

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  1. nobugs_please

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Tue Jun 21 2016 14:54:50

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    I've found that in addition to fighting bedbugs, I'm fighting for my sanity, I'm also fighting the neighbors downstairs and occasionally the landlord.

    What are my legal rights as a tenant if the apartment adjacent to mine isn't complying with bedbug treatment? What are the legal rights of the property manager? I live in the state of Massachusetts.

    The neighbor(s) in question are directly downstairs, we are both renting from a larger management company in a multi-unit building. We suspect there are more occupants in the downstairs apartment than are legally allowed, and we also suspect they are running some kind of childcare operation out of the apartment. We don’t have concrete proof on either count but there are 6-8+ kids that get dropped off and picked up. Because we have been finding scattered hungry-looking adults, we think the infestation may have started downstairs and some have made their way through the walls to our apartment. We have found 2 small "colonies" on the box spring (thrown own) and on a couch (still there, but treated). The pco seemed not concerned the first time, thinking the infestation was relatively minor, but a week later we found the couch colony (a couch that had been inspected a treated the week before). There were only adults and eggs on the couch. It seems strange that it would go from a "minor infestation" to a multi-room problem in the span of a week, which is another reason we think there may be a larger infestation downstairs. This building is old and full of cracks/crevices.

    The tenants downstairs have been either not home or not answering the door when the PCO comes, even though they have had ample warning that someone would be coming to inspect their apartment. It has now been almost a month since we saw the first bug and reported it to the landlord and that apartment has still not been treated. Theoretically their apartment will be treated (and ours will be treated for a third time) on Thursday, but we have no faith that the tenants downstairs will be home let alone do any of the arduous prep that is necessary.

    I'm afraid that, it won't matter how much we treat our unit, if the adjacent units aren’t doing their due diligence. What (if any) rights do I have in this situation.

    We also DON'T WANT TO MOVE which is the most frustrating. I'm sure we could get out of our lease but we want to stay! We just want the people downstairs to stop being so terrible.

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Wed Jun 22 2016 1:56:36

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    Are you in Boston?

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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