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Tell me this is all going to be over eventually

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  1. bugcatchergirl

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Tue Oct 3 2017 18:56:55

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    Hi everyone, first-time poster here but I've spent a lot of time reading this forum lately...

    I found my first bed bug about three weeks ago, after three nights of getting 3-5 bites each. In retrospect, I probably had these bugs from eggs or nymphs - I saw rows of much smaller bites earlier, but the adult bites are very distinctive on me. I then sealed off my mattress, steamed all the joints in my bed frame, pulled my bed away from the wall, ran all my clothes and bedding through the dryer, and put down DE all around the apartment, especially around all the legs of my bed. I didn't see a single bug, casing, or dropping during this entire process (or after), which freaked me out a little, but I haven't gotten any adult bug bites since. I have, however, been finding smaller red spots on my stomach and chest, which I know are not really good indicators but they freak me out anyway (my chest can be a little acne-prone, but my stomach not). I steamed my bed frame a second time a week after the first battle and put all my bedding through the dryer every three days or so. All the legs of my bed are covered with DE to kill any bugs that try to climb up, and I've put up double-sided tape as well.

    TL;DR - 3 weeks since first DIY treatment, no obvious bites since.

    This morning as I was getting dressed, I felt an itch on my arm, looked, and watched a small bump grow to the size of a pea in a patch of red skin. A few hours later, it faded into a tiny red pinprick that looks like the ones I found on my stomach/chest. This is almost exactly how I react to mosquito bites (except mosquito bites are 100x the size since I'm allergic), which made me strongly suspect a bed bug bite. Which suggested that the ones on my stomach/chest are also bites, which then made me freak out and cry and come write this post. (Besides crying, I also went over my mattress and bed frame again, and still found nothing.) I know that this bite/"bite" is by no means definitive, but I just feel so helpless and I don't know what else to do at this point. I'm leaving for a road trip tomorrow in my friend's car and I'm terrified of bringing bugs along. I have a plan of steaming my suitcase, re-drying all the clothes I'm bringing, and sealing everything in a plastic bag before getting in her car, but since I can't even find bugs in my own house... I just don't know. I'm so tired. I'm a grad student and my work is really suffering. My boyfriend has been super supportive but I'm scared that I'm going to whine once too often and he's going to give up on me.

    Sorry for such a long rambling post, I just could really use some reassurance and some people to talk to who can relate. Thanks for reading!!

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Wed Oct 4 2017 9:15:31

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    It will all be over eventually, otherwise I wouldn't volunteer my time here.

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