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taking care of them myself

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Tue Aug 7 2018 8:55:07

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    recently found out my sons room has bed bugs (found under top right corner of the fitted in the bed frame)

    i steamed and then threw away the bed frame. did an entire clean up of my house and have slept at my parents house for 2 weeks. every time i come to visit the apartment i see a couple crawling around during the day i suspect they are hungry since they havent eaten in 2 weeks. i always kill what i see

    i bought a new bedframe and steamed the mattress put on plastic cups on the legs which they cannot climb because i tried putting one in it and it couldnt climb out. decided to sleep there one night and woke up at 4am and killed about 10 babies crawling all over the floor since they couldnt get on my bed. everytime i go to the apartment and stay 3+ hours, i see baby bed bugs crawling on the floor but less and less every time i go and i inspect the floor the entire time im there. yesterday i went and saw 1 baby bed bug

    what are the chances that there are many more hiding? they havent eaten in nearly 3 weeks so if im there they should come out right? i feel like if i sprinkle some DE around the baseboards it should take care of any more?

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