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Take it one day at a time...

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  1. AshamedandScratching

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sun Aug 14 2011 20:15:55

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    I keep seeing the posts that are happening and the amount of pain and fear that people feel--and I share! I also feel geniunely bad for everyone.

    Some thoughts that are keeping me sane:

      1. One Day at a Time. I can only do what I can do today. If I'm thinking about my long term plans and feel myself freak out, I stop unless there's something I can do right now.
      2. One Thing for Me Each Day. My life didn't stop because I have bugs. Right now, I am trying to relax enough to write, even a paragraph. Even just surfing the non-BB net. Something free of bugs, some time spent on something I love.
      3. Breathe If you feel your thoughts racing and you can't see a solution, stop. Breathe. You may not be able to solve it fast, but you won't plan well if you're not able to stop and catch your breath.

    I hope this helps. These are the things that are helping me start to accept this and understand that I can deal with it.

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sun Aug 14 2011 23:32:30

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    This is good advice, AandS. You need to take good care of yourself right now, and then you will be able to deal with this. You'll get through it.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."
  3. cilecto

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Mon Aug 15 2011 8:42:59

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    Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night...
    - Psalms 91:5-7

    (Not an pro)

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