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Suspend SC + DE + Vacuuming?

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    Wed Jun 10 2009 14:44:21

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    I just realized recently that I really did have a bed bug infestation in my apartment. I had a couple questions but first I'll tell you the plan.

    On Monday a person who works for my landlord came in and sprayed Suspend SC around on the bed frame, the baseboards, et cetera. Then I put encasements on the mattress and box spring. I placed an order for some MotherEarth DE (would get the kind with pyrethroids but I have a curious cat) and it should be arriving next week, at which point I will finely coat every nook and cranny I can find, and place the legs of my furniture in containers with some at the bottom.

    In the meantime I'm trying to clear up some of my clutter, and I would like to vacuum/sweep up some of the crud on my floor before I put the DE down and I can't vacuum for a while. I have a couple of questions for you guys:

    1. How well does Suspend SC work against bedbugs? The least optimistic information I could find had the LT50 at 14 days, which is a bit longer than the DE took to kill all of them rather than half. I'm wondering if the Suspend treatment is really doing any good. They treated on Monday and I've seen (and killed) at least a dozen bugs on my windowsill and baseboard since then, mostly babies. I haven't seen any on my bed, and I was only bitten once on Monday night (I think). They didn't treat the windowsill (where the evidence tells me most of them are hiding), but they did treat the baseboard between the windowsill and the bed.

    2. Will the Suspend SC residual be disturbed if I vacuum and/or sweep in those areas? Does it "stick" better than powders, seeing as it is applied in liquid form? As I said I would like to get some of the crud out, but I don't want to pull up the pesticide in the process.

    I look forward to any answers and/or discussion!

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