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Supposedly infertile remaining bed bugs?

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  1. BittenInMN

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Thu Oct 20 2011 8:09:57

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    I have an apartment, in a sizeable apartment complex, with bed bugs. They've probably been biting for a few weeks, with confirmation last week as I caught a couple. I reported it to the apartment office, which had a large nationally-known pest control company inspect this and neighboring apartments. They found one bug here, none in other apartments, and in the absence of other tell-tale signs said it was probably a relatively recent infestation. They decided to do heat treatment to this and three neighboring apartments. (To their credit, the apartment manager did all this quite quickly; to their discredit, they're insisting I'll bear full liability for all costs associated with treating my and neighboring apartments...but that's not what I'm writing about.)

    If I understood correctly, the heat treatment was done to one room at a time, targeting 150 degrees for a set duration. The exterminator said that this should kill some of the bed bugs, but not all of them. They also used a pesticide, however, that would render the remaining bed bugs infertile, and would be back to recheck and reapply treatments over the next month.

    The whole "infertile" thing sounds questionable to me, so I wanted to know if this is a normal practice for heat treating apartments. Are bed bugs supposed to survive heat treatment like this? The bugs were back and biting after a couple days, not as much as before the treatment, but consistently. We caught one last night, so the bites are again definitely from bed bugs.

  2. theyareoutthere

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Thu Oct 20 2011 12:55:51

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    Sorry to hear it, Bitten. I'm in the Twin Cities area and had non-BB related trouble with a CRAZY landlord years ago...and learned that conciliation courts generally favored the tenants. I don't know anything about heat or infertility (sounds like Gentrol maybe). You may want to change your title to include MULTIFAMILY since that will help attract attention from PCOs with multifamily knowledge (maybe NOBUGS and comment on that).

    BBs are probably a new issue here so it will be interesting to hear what is going on with this kind of situation. I've heard from a friend that a tenant in another building in his complex got BBs and were told that it was their responsibility to pay since they had been in their apt for 8 years and they must have brought them in. We've told her to get with an attorney ASAP and not to respond to phone calls or emails with an attorney involved. The only way I got my CRAZY landlord to back off was once I got an attorney and my emails could have damaged by case without my knowing it. (I didn't respond to the crazier ones but had begun by regularly responding to her phone calls and emails and setting a precedent that I always responded within 24-48 hours).

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