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Suffocation in a total vacuum

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  1. giametti

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Fri May 17 2013 9:14:10

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    As a woodworker, one tool I use often is a vacuum veneering bag. It's a sealed polyurethane bag 4feet by 8 feet that connects to a vacuum pump. For my work, it uses atmospheric pressure (about a ton per square foot) to glue a wood veneer to a substrate. It's (of course) completely air tight and can generate and hold a considerable vacuum for any length of time.
    My daughter has bed bugs in her NYC apartment, so she's starting on the lengthy preparation of all her books, clothes, etc before the exterminator will treat the apartment.
    My question is if there are any thoughts or studies on whether suitable items such as books could be put into the bag and subjected to near vacuum conditions to suffocate the bugs?
    I believe I could make some plywood boxes strong enough to hold shoes or other small items in the vacuum environment without crushing them.
    Any thoughts on this? I'd like to help her out in her task. She's in graduate school and doesn't have a lot of free time.

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