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    Several months ago I posted, panicked, that we had bed bugs. Now, even though I'm afraid if I say it I'll jinx myself, we seem to find ourselves free of them. This Friday will be 12 weeks since we saw any signs of an infestation.

    We had 3 treatments done by Orkin, and 1 done by our landlord. I wasn't pleased with Orkin's thoroughness or service, and really wish I would have done more research on local PCOs, but I was panicked and wanted the problem taken care of ASAP. Later, I found a very knowledgeable and highly rated local PCO that would have charged 1/3 of what we paid Orkin. If (God forbid) I ever have to deal with this again, they're who I'm going to call.

    6 weeks after our last treatment, we had a local PCO in to inspect and do a K9 inspection. The PCO said he found eggs on the underside of our headboard, and my heart dropped. Luckily, upon closer inspection, he said they all appeared to have hatched or were not viable and everything was fine. The K9 inspection was negative. Although that boosted my confidence some, I wanted to wait until we reached the 60 day mark. Now we're going on 3 months and I still feel a little anxious, like they're just lying in wait for me somewhere, even though I know that isn't logical.

    Our infestation was small and seemingly confined to our bedroom, but I was convinced they were everywhere. I didn't eat for days, and I was so anxious over everything. My boyfriend (now fiancé!) was great about everything and has been pretty un-phased about "returning to normal". It's like a flick of a switch for him, which I admit has been hard. Part of me still isn't willing to believe they're gone.

    I saw a therapist a few times through my EAP program at work, which really helped. She helped me talk through why I was feeling so anxious, and helped me realize that if I did see more bugs, I had a plan on how to get rid of them. We're fortunate enough that we have the means to hire a professional, and have families that have been incredibly supportive through the whole ordeal.

    It's slowly getting easier to put clothes on without inspecting them or hang a shirt or jacket in our closets, but it's slow going so far. Just last week we finally put our living room back together. Almost all of our clothes are still bagged. I've still been getting weird itchy bumps but I keep telling myself that they're nothing like the bites were before (we both reacted badly) and they could be from any number of things.

    I'm so grateful for this forum because it helped me learn so much about bed bugs, their behavior, etc. but for my mental health/anxiety's sake I need to step away. This past weekend was the first time since June that I managed to stay off this website for several days and not read post after post. Instead I'm going to focus on 1) no bugs for 3 months and 2) wedding planning!

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