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stubborn car infestation and the bed bug weapon

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Thu Dec 18 2014 17:31:52

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    After 5 months of hell, hundreds on contractor garbage bags, loss of all furniture, 4 professional sprays, piles of demiscus earth... i was feeling hopeless. I abandoned most my stuff and put my books and mementos in storage. The lingering problem was my car. I am deeply annoyed by the professional claims this doesnt happen. Low likeliness is not the same as it doesnt happen. I had visual confirmation. Talk about industry scamming and shady companies. I felt vulnerable. One company [name removed by admin] in toronto is one I would avoid despite positive reviews which i think are doctored all over the place. Shady shady shady. I tried to give them a bad review for awful business practices and it was rejected off a certain site despite being professional and fact based. I no longer have faith in review sites. My liberation came from using as my last resot to buy a dry steamer and I vant believe how much time they took to advise me. After having my car sprayed with no success and my car sitting stagnant for months, still eaten each time i drove, i was considering scrapping my car to save my sanity. HOWEVER the steamer eradictaed the problem without removing seats. I steamed slowly for 3 hours on all seams and crevices. I had put demiscus earther on the electrical parts with a paintbrush during the infestation before the steamer. Although it wasnt a slytion it may have been a contributing factor to my success. The speakers on door unfortunately may always have residue. Anyhow..with a 30 dollar shop vacuum, reliable brio steamer which works brilliantly, the problem was gone in one go. Steamed again to be safe. I now have a steamer that is a bed bug weapon and brilliant cleaner. Machine gets 5 stars from me. Same with company. It would be impractical for a whole house but it one componenet of the solution and saved my fish tanks and fish equipment. The chemicals the companies used made me sick and itchy adding to the paranoia of continuous bugs and didnt even work after 5 months. I did 4 sprays. If in toronto, the allerguy company is our stroke of luck. This reliable steamer needs more reviews because its a brilliant product which saved my sanity and alocal company. People with car infestations should consider a dry steamer (still slightly wet, actually low maisture) Problem solved in 2 days after two massive steamings. You need to steam everything! No bites for 3 months and initally it looked like I had chicken pox!

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