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Stressed & (maybe?) bitten

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  1. sarahczw

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    Sat Jun 30 2018 18:55:16

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    Hey all -

    I've only posted on here once before, but I was an obsessive lurker during my own BB battle about a year ago. I recently moved into a new apartment and started noticing what looked like the bites I had experienced during my last BB experience. My last apartment was treated three times, we bagged and washed just about everything thoroughly, but I was told by a local hardware store pro/landlord (not my own) with a lot of experience that if there were things I wouldn't need for MONTHS, I could seal them in airtight containers with some bug strips (I wish I knew the brand) and if there were any bugs, they'd be killed in time. So, I did that with a lot of winter sweaters and coats, as my experience started during the summer. Once our treatments were through, plus an extra one because I was nervous and thought I was still getting bites, and the designated amount of time post-treatment had passed - I waited even longer because I was paranoid - we didn't have any more issues. I did experience what I'm now comfortable calling stress-driven bites, but there were no actual signs of insects, no real bites, nothing.

    Now, I have since moved from that apartment and been in my new one for about a month. The building is brand new, my mattress is in (two) protector(s), but I'm starting to notice what my bites and stress-induced-fake-bites looked like on my ankles. My roommate has assured me repeatedly that there's no way that they would simply resurface after x amount of months since our treatment finished, but I'm nervous that one survived one of my airtight, bug stripped boxes and is now torturing me. I've seen no signs of bugs since moving in - no casts, no fecal stains, no actual living insects - except for one blood stain in my bed today. It doesn't line up with where any of the possibly-fake bites are, but I suppose the real bite could have just not shown up yet?

    So, in short, I guess what I'm asking is does any of this seem plausible or am I, as my roommate suggests, simply being paranoid? I have inspected my bed and mattress, but am trying not to do it obsessively. I do work outside, so I've had some mosquito bite driven nervousness, but the bites I'm referring to are much smaller, still hard to the touch, and in small clusters in the same places my previous bites had been. (I know bites are not a way to diagnose a problem, and I was recently a poster when I found a dried spider hiding in my sheets, heightening the panic, but I'm just very nervous to go through this process again, especially if my prep is to blame for their resurface.) Lastly, I have found one or two carpet beetles and one larvae recently and know that the larvae can cause skin reactions - should I be able to spot the buggers if they're the culprit of a modestly sized irritation? And if I have approximately 10 or so "bites," I should be able to spot some signs if it was BBs, right?

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