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Strangest place you have found live bedbugs

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  1. Hemiptera

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Fri Dec 6 2013 18:32:49

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    Hello, I work in this industry as a k-9 handler and I do visuals on every alert.
    This is a question for the professionals and non-professionals:
    Where is the strangest place you have found live bedbugs?
    By strange I mean ANYWHERE not on the mattress or box spring. This is just pure curiosity.

    Recently my dog alerted to a wall near an air mattress (the couple has been having their apartment professionally treated for months).
    Upon first glance I saw nothing and then I got my flashlight out and found 3 bugs right above where he alerted tucked into a crevice of the molding. They were fairly high up. (About 6 feet off the ground)
    I always catch the evidence on tape so I can then give it to the client to show their PCO.

  2. ITortureBugs4Revenge

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Fri Dec 6 2013 20:05:42

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    I found a big one nestled in a corner in the bathroom right next to the tub. I found it very unusual, as the bug was on a hard, smooth surface and the infestation i had was very small and pretty much confined to the futon. I think it must have been on my pants and it fell off as i was in the bathroom, but why it chose such a seemingly uncomfortable place for it to stay is beyond me.

    .....I am NOT an expert.....

    Any advice i give here is based solely on my own personal experiences in dealing with bedbugs & other household vermin.
  3. bbcomox

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Sun Dec 8 2013 3:43:24

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    When I was living in the apartment, I have found bedbugs on the bathroom counter, in the bathtub, on the shower curtain, and in the bathroom sink.

    I believed that the bedbugs were crawling through cracks and openings in the pipes from another unit into mine.

  4. P Bello

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Sun Dec 8 2013 9:31:15

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    Hmmm . . .

    the "strangest" you say . . .

    Well maybe the most concerning has been in my pockets of my work clothes post bed bug work.

    The "strangest", and I'm not sure this qualifies as strangest or not, would probably include:

    > kitchen cabinets
    > kitchen floors along the moldings
    > in a prosthesis (artificial leg) between the device and the person's limb terminate
    > in the folds of skin of an obese person

    Have a nice day ! pjb

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