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Strange little bites

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  1. victor

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    Posted 5 months ago
    Thu May 24 2018 1:42:08

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    I hope i can explain myself properly in english, bear with me.

    Recently i was on vacation with my family in the south of mexico. And i get bedbug bites (big, red, more itchy and incisive than mosquito bites and fade away like in four days, leaving like a lightly dark bruise)

    Since then i came back to my home, wash every thing, put it in a plastic bag and iron every piece of clothes. BUT since then i have another kind of bites, like mosquito ones (super small bump), and kinda itchy but fade away like in minutes. is driving me mad.

    I can feel when they happen but never get to see anything. Im shirtless at the moment and just happen for time to time.

    I looked on internet and my best guesses are: mites, body lice, fleas, an allergy or some bug really really tiny.

    Please help. I need a action plan. Meanwhile ill keep searching in the forum.
    Thanks in advance!

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