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Stragglers...any suggestions?

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Tue Oct 8 2013 22:55:28

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    So here is the situation.

    About a year and half ago, the daughter of my roommate had bedbugs in her apartment. Not knowing the pains they could be, roommate offered to wash the infested clothes. Needless to say, the infection was brought here. It had mostly been contained in my roommate's room for about a year, until June when we moved furniture around and they managed one way or another to worm their way into my room. I slept in our car for two months because of my reactions to them (whether due to stress or actual allergies, I'll never know). We finally looked into professional help after trying and failing with diy tactics. We went with the steaming option, because it was the cheapest. He laid down diatamacious earth, saying he found no bugs in my room and only three in my roommates. There was the evidence....scat and such, but not many bugs.

    Two days after the treatment, my roommate swore she was feeling bites. Nearly a week after the first treatment, I found a bug in my bed, full of blood. We trapped, the steam guy came back and said he found nothing new on anything in our rooms, no eggs, no bugs, nothing. He told us to give him a call though if we found anything. We once again laid down DE (around the bed legs, baseboards, even swept it around the room to get in the cracks of the floor boards!) and tried to get settled again.

    Yesterday, roommate had accidentally left a book on the floor. She picked it up and there was a bug on it! It was moving slow/not well (hopefully because of the DE), but it was a bug none the less. There was no blood in it, so it hadn't fed. We also haven't had any bites in the last week since he's been back

    We obviously are going to call our exterminator again...but I wanted to find out exactly how common this is? Or should we be concerned that we have a bigger infestation some where hiding? Sorry for the long story, just felt the need to vent a bit about the situation!

    Thank you all in advanced for any info you have. This site has been an invaluable resource to me the few months

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