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Storage and using a PackTite, is it overkill?

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  1. Blitzen

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Fri Jan 26 2018 2:31:42

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    This may be overkill, but I have no issue in overkilling those little blood sucking bed demons! I went through bedbugs the summer of 2016 and defeated them. Since then I moved to a cleaner and better well taken care of apartment building. In fact my next door neighbor in my new building went through bed bugs last summer. My property manager was on it and they treated my neighbor immediately. Thankfully I did not get them. My bed has been pulled away from the wall ever since then, I keep a wall of DE on the floor and around my bed legs and headboard, plus every outlet in my apartment is sealed if it's not being used. Do I have to do that? Maybe not, but I'd rather be safe than sorry, than to go through that again. This brings me to my one lingering question.

    I've had untreatable belongings (books, photo albums, shoes, bags, etc) in plastic bins, sealed with gorilla tape, in storage since June of 2016 when I did experience bed bugs in my previous building. The 18 months of storage point has come and gone. I'm getting ready to bring those items home (my final step in having my life completely back). While I know chances are low anything has survived sitting in storage I'm still severely paranoid, so I will be purchasing a PackTite SC and running those items I'm emptying out of storage through the PackTite as an extra precaution as I bring them home, just in case. My hope is to have my storage unit emptied out before March so I won't have to pay for my unit anymore and have all my belongings home and clean.

    Has anyone tried this storage and then PackTite method before? Is it overkill? Do you have any suggestions on using the PackTite to it's fullest potential (since I have no idea what I'm doing with it)? Most importantly should my items coming out of storage be ok (with or without using the PackTite additionally)? I'm really nervous about this last step.

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Fri Jan 26 2018 11:29:47

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    Your stored items have sat long enough, but if you want to use the PackTite keep in mind the density of the items. Paper is a great insulator, so if possible standing the book on end and fanning it out will help when trying to reach the terminal temperature of 120 degrees.
    Yes, it is overkill, but the mental benefits of you being certain that your items are clean and clear may outweigh the hassle of treating the items. If it makes you feel better and you don't obsess over it I see no harm in the overkill.

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