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still getting Bites after pco gives all clear

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  1. Itchybutdealing

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Fri Jan 1 2010 23:49:23

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    We have been fighting forever as you all know. I called the pco for our quarterly treament (put in place to control uncooperative neighbor's problem). He says no evidence found this time. Yet my kids and I are still getting the little scab like bites? Why? Any input would help.

  2. Adele

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Sat Jan 2 2010 0:14:05

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    Hi Itchy - I saw your posting and wanted to give you a suggestion. I think you were affected by these things at the same time I was early in '08- but I moved 3 times since then and had a successful thermal treatment so I've been rid of them now for a while

    in any case - I would not rely on your PCO's visual inspections - for low level infestations those inspections can be ineffective.

    I would try some sort of monitor - nightwatch, CDC or the new dry ice monitor to try and trap evidence. I think bedbug central sells the basic setup for the dry ice version (you can reach out to Jeff White for more info) and Standard Exterminating in Queens will rent a nightwatch to you - Gil Bloom at that firm is a very respected ento who works there and I've spoken to him in the past - they are also very nice

    I also heard that the interceptor cups can also work - have you installed those under your bed posts?

    good luck and I wish you all the best

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