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Sticky Tape-Why May Fail to Trap

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  1. dancingwthebbs

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Sat Nov 22 2014 17:20:23

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    This video (not sure exactly how sticky the tape is) shows a bed bug walking, with difficulty, across sticky carpet tape.

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    They can also walk across slippery shipping tape when it is on the floor. It's not far to imagine they could walk across sticky tape when it's on the ceiling, if they're 'up' for a strenuous workout.

    They do tend to avoid both sticky and slippery surfaces (you can google that to confirm it). So a better way to keep them from climbing up furniture legs... better than using either slippery shipping tape or sticky tape by itself, is to put the sticky tape around the bottom of the furniture leg, and then directly above the sticky tape, touching the sticky tape, to put the slippery tape.

    What will happen? The bed bug, after getting a work out crossing the sticky tape, will have a tough time clinging on to the slippery tape, and keep slipping back down on to the sticky tape.

    While this won't eliminate an infestation by itself, it will decrease the ease the bed bugs can have to infest your furniture. I'd rather have them coaxed to stay on or near the bed, where they generally prefer to be anyway, than to go ahead and infest other furniture.

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