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start a forum for green/organic concerns & IPM methods

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  1. gonebuggy

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    Posted 11 years ago
    Thu May 8 2008 15:44:15

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    I am an organic eater with a toddler. Freakout #1 for me was the belief that I had BBs (I am very, very lucky & have carpet beetles). Freakout #2 was the smell of the chemicals applied in my home for BBs that it turns out I don't have. I think it would be really helpful for those who are trying to fight the BB fight in the safest possible way to be able to share info more easily about green products and methods. Even though I understood that pesticides are absolutely necessary to fight BBs, I wanted to understand what the effects of the chemicals were, use the least toxic yet most effective ones possible, and use the smallest possible amounts.

    I also now know that I wanted a PCO who would work with me on an Integrated Pest Management plan -- giving me a specific program of things to do to fight the bugs, not just having somebody spray toxins around. (Maybe that advice is in the FAQs - can't remember - but I think there would be informative discussions around IPM specifics.)

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