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Speed of infestation

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    Posted 2 weeks ago
    Sun Oct 7 2018 8:28:52

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    Hello all,

    About three months ago, my girlfriend got about 6 bites in a row on her shoulder. I thought beg bugs but she thought something in the park (we were there a day before). There was nothing for a while and then some other sets on her of about three in a row (a couple of times). Since then, I have been getting small red dots quite regularly, but nothing itchy, and our baby son also (probably not itchy? He can't talk yet). These red dots I have in particular do not seem like bites even, but I have red reactions differ a great deal.

    We had visitors and they got bites, but it was in the summer and we were outside at the park or at the river a lot.

    My girlfriend has not had a re-occurrence of more than bites in a row, but also has some red dots, again not itchy. In the past, she has reacted quite strongly to bites (years ago in hotels, even had to go to the hospital once for infection-related to bites), so one would think she would again react strongly.

    I have identified one blood splotch on the sheets, but maybe this was from before. As for fecal stains on the sheets, there have been maybe a couple of very small black marks, and some faded black smears.

    A few mattress investigations revealed nothing, no bugs, no fecal stains, etc. Same with bed frame investigation.

    I would think in three months there would be more evidence. We do seem to get these red dots regularly (every night basically), but they are not itchy, and I cannot find much other evidence. One would think in three months, a small infestation would become large and show more evidence. Even a small infestation one would see more, no?

    How quickly would evidence mount? Thank you so much for your help! This has put me under a fair amount of mental strain over the last few months.

    Thanks again!


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