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sparse incidents and single sightings

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  1. juicelee

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Mon Jul 18 2011 9:16:17

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    ok so we've been dealing with bb's for about 2 and a half months now. originally when we found out we sprayed some store bought items down that killed on site and prevented them but my girlfriend was still getting bitten.

    so then I looked up what I needed to do and I took these steps

    I encased the matress and box springs ( but lined it with preventative spray and Diatomaceous earth)
    vaccumed thouroghly
    ran my sheets through the washer and drier on high heat several times over the course of a few weeks (did the same thing with our wardrobe)
    I put down a considerable amount of diatomaceous earth in the baseboards and around the bed

    now after doing all of that the sightings went from seeing 3 or 4 every other day (and being bitten) to seeing 1 every 7-10 days and neither one of us has been bitten in at least a month to my knowledge

    but when they show up now they ALWAYS show up on the ceiling. I dont have any holes in my wall and I've lined the inside of the outlet that on the wall with a good coat of DE as well as the corners of the ceiling

    since the first sighting on the ceiling ive sprayed preventative spray and dusted my ceiling with DE its like somehow they show up on the very place I dont dust but will be right next to it and not moving thats when I'll make a point to spray or dust and they'll drop off instantly

    it seems like I'm winning the rounds but not finishing the fight

    we're unemployed and dont really have the money for a pco so we're trying to take care of this the best way we can

    ps: we also found them in my car and I've taken the same steps too with spray and dusting, but in the course of this time we've only seen 1 in the car and that was 3 weeks ago

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