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somethings that are helping my dog

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  1. Beth

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Fri Dec 24 2010 11:48:37

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    I have a 60 lb. border collie mix, and I am around 100lb which means baths are really difficult, and really I can only manage once every two weeks at most b/c he hates them and constantly tries to escape. So here is what I am doing to help prevent his itching, and it is working:

    First of all, every night I do a light dusting of DE on his bed. Then every few days I rub (or you can spray) this concoction on his skin. What you do is you boil a lemon, cut up. I know it sounds crazy, but it works via a contact killer and repellant, d-limonene, found in the peels of fresh lemons and oranges. I boiled it until there was almost as much lemon juice as water, but think I went overboard. No worries, non-toxic. Ok, so I rub this into areas he is most likely to get bitten: his underbelly, behind his ears, his tail, and then for good measure, down his spine. I am also steaming his bed, which is just really a crate softener, and the carpet around it nearly daily and spray the metal crate down with alcohol when I feel he has been in it awhile (he doesn't sleep in it but when we go out together he goes in there). He is not allowed in the bedroom. He sleeps right near the door, and I have DE along the baseboards there and even a line along the carpet at the entrance to my bedroom, in addition to dusting the bottom of the doorframe there, and any outlets that lead into it. I bathe him with a eucalyptus and peppermint dog shampoo.

    Anyway, I am still getting bitten and itching, it seems to be they are hiding out somewhere strange--possibly in our computer chairs which are virtually impossible to treat, but his is considerably down. He is also on Frontline, and I've read fipronil CAN kill bedbugs, but that the ratio used is not designed for bed bugs. I feel it did absolutely nothing for the bugs getting him and living to see another day.

    Our cats, due to my allergy, are in another room that does not seem affected by the bedbugs, but we clean in there regularly and plan to dust their bed as well with DE. D-limonene so far as I know is safe on cats as well. Some things, like cedar oil and eucalyptus, are not.

    I hope this helps someone with pets which really does make eradication more difficult because they have a willing host right where they want them 24/7.


  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Mon Dec 27 2010 1:10:36

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    Re: cats:

    They are said to strongly dislike lemon, so cat owners might not want to experiment with putting this concoction on them.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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